Derby, Burton &
District Panel


It is an inherent part of Remap policy not to charge the clients for the equipment we provide.

Our volunteers give their time and skills free.  However, as we make things, we need materials and these need to be bought in most cases.  Because of the area we cover there are also significant travel costs, even if we try and use a volunteer who lives close to the client. 

All the funds to cover our local costs, which currently amount to around £5500 per year, have to be raised locally. 

We are not financially supported by Remap’s national  Headquarters.

We get about one quarter of our funding from local charitable trusts and similar organisations.  Previous sponsors include:


We also get significant support from organisations such as Rotary Clubs and a variety of local bodies and institutions that have made us their ‘charity of the year’.

A further major contribution to funds is raised by giving talks on our work to local organisations such as WIs, TWGs, luncheon clubs, etc.  We typically give around 40 such talks each year.  Though we make no charge for the talks the donations given as a result produce around a third of our income.

The final source of income is from our clients.  Though (as stated above) there is no charge for our services and no obligation to pay, some of our clients do give a donation.

If you would like to help us financially you can find out more on how to do so by going to our ‘Donate’ page.