Derby, Burton &
District Panel

Seek Help

If you live in Derbyshire or East Staffordshire and you have a problem that you think Remap can help with, then please submit a referral.

Remember that Remap does not provide equipment that is available commercially or through the NHS or Social Services etc. However, it will adapt such equipment to better meet the needs of an individual, with the owner’s permission.

Remap has introduced a new and very secure way of managing referrals via a national Portal. To make a referral go to the national web site (or by clicking here) and click 'Get our help'. If you are not the client, click 'Someone else' then 'Submit'. This will then take you to a referral form that has a different format to the one we have used in the past but requires the same essential information. You can select the panel, but if you do not do so it will be assigned based on the post code.

If you have any problems or require more information you can contact the following local panel members:

Chairman Allan Sutton
  53 Broadway
  Derbyshire DE56 4BU
Tel: 01332 841486
Mobile: 07715 377794
Secretary Malcolm Logan
  10 Barling Drive
  Derbyshire DE7 9JA
Tel: 01159 328266