Derby, Burton &
District Panel

Remap Volunteers

What sort of people are we?  
Technical volunteers are at the heart of every panel, using their inventive ability and their practical skills to devise and make a solution to the problems presented to them.  


‘There’s nothing I love better than a challenge and a good excuse for indulging in creative thinking.’
[Mike Banks, Derby Panel, 33 years with Rolls Royce.]

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Remap members are people with mechanical, electrical and electronics skills, craftsmen and others skilled in wood and metal working, competent DIYers and model makers, or generally people with a passion for making things well.  
  • work from their own home workshop, garage, etc;
  • are recompensed for the cost of materials and travel;
  • volunteer to take on a task at regular panel meetings;
  • meet the client, preferably accompanied by a health professional who can provide any clinical input;
  • design and make the required equipment, following Remap’s basic safety procedures for the highest quality outcome;
  • provide simple documentation of their work, and obtain photographs where possible to illustrate its construction and use;
  • pass on their knowledge to others in the network to spread its benefits as far as possible, to help more people with disabilities.
What do we get out of Remap?


If you are curious, if you are practical, if you enjoy seeking solutions, if you want the opportunity to help others, you would just love working for Remap.
[Steve Pilkington]



I read an article about Remap and thought it would be a great opportunity to share some of my 22 years worth of Occupational Therapy knowledge! I contacted the local Derby Remap group who have been very welcoming and what a great group they are.
[Jean Bates, Occupational therapist]

As a Remap volunteer you will become a valuable and valued member of a group of well over 1000 people across England and Wales who are prepared to give up some of their time and share their talents to help people with disabilities.
You will
  • join a group of like-minded people and expand your circle of friends;
  • have the pleasure of helping people achieve things they could not otherwise do;
  • enjoy indulging your love of a challenge;
  • keep your hard-won technical/practical skills fresh, alive and relevant.

How are we organised locally?
Remap volunteers meet once a month.

The Derby, Burton & District Panel meetings:  
  • take place on the third Wednesday of each month;
  • are held in a room at the Royal British Legion Centre in Poppyfields Drive, Mickleover, Derby; 
  • start at 10.00 am and usually last about two hours.   
Volunteers who live some distance away can claim travel expenses.
The main purpose of each meeting is to distribute the new tasks and to progress those in hand. 
Volunteers choose the tasks they want to do based primarily on the skills required and the client's locality. There is the opportunity to discuss the issues involved and seek advice on the best approach, etc.
As well as the tasks, the meetings review the regular series of talks and other events taking place to publicise Remap and raise funds, provide an update on income and expenditure and address any other issues relevant to the continued successful functioning of the panel and the charity as a whole. 
Technical interest visits to local companies are also arranged for the enjoyment of the volunteers and to spread the word of Remap’s existence in the local technical community.  Recent visits have included Bombardier, Rolls Royce and Smiths Clocks.


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